The Department of Biotechnology has organized the bridge courses for the first-year B.Sc., Biotechnology students (Batch: 2023-2026) 12.07.2023 and 13.07.2023 at the East Block, Room No. 304, SRMIST, Ramapuram. A total of 48 students have participated in these courses. The first day session was inaugurated by Dr. M. Kamaraj, HOD (i/c) and delivered his lecture on the “Overview of Biotechnology”. He has introduced the basics and various concepts of biotechnology field. He also briefed students about different branches of biotechnology. This session was followed by a lecture delivered by Dr. S. Suresh, Assistant professor on “Biochemistry Dogmas and their impacts on Biotechnology”. He has explained an importance of Biochemistry and their impacts in the study of Biotechnology.

The session was then handled by Dr. G. Priya, Assistant Professor with her talk “Fundamental of Microbial techniques”. She has explained all basic and fundamental procedures and also introduced the students about the significance of microbial community in our day-to-day life. She also briefed students about various microbial pathogens and the way they cause disease

The second day session was started by Dr. G. Rajendran, Assistant Professor with his talk on “Basics of Molecular Techniques”. He has explained many techniques under molecular level like isolation of biomolecules, biological markers for molecular studies and Polymerase chain reaction for amplification. The session was then handed over to Dr. R. Vinoth Kumar, Assistant professor for his talk on “Genetic engineering techniques”. In this lecture, the students were introduced to the basic concepts of cloning and recombinant DNA technology. The principles and applications of various genetic engineering techniques such as ELISA, blotting, gene cloning, gene therapy and recombinant DNA generation. Finally, this session was concluded by a lecture delivered by Dr. A. Ancy Jenifer with her talk on “Fundamental and Significance of environmental biotechnology”. She has explained about basic and importance of biotechnological approach in maintenance of our environment.