The Department of Visual Communication organized film screening and appreciation class as a part of Rectangle – Film club activity at Maharishi Vidya Mandir CBSE School, Mangadu for 12th grade students on Aug 21st, 2023. The event aimed to expose students to diverse genres and styles of filmmaking while fostering discussions on cinematic techniques, storytelling, and cultural relevance. We screened three short films “Alternative Math”, “The Lunch Date” and “Nenjukku Needhi”and the film appreciation was done by Dr.V.Prabakaran,HOD/Viscom.  The event succeeded in achieving its goals of promoting critical thinking, fostering connections among attendees, and creating an atmosphere of learning through entertainment. As an innovative approach to combining film, discussion, and social interaction, the event left participants with a memorable and thought-provoking experience. The event was successfully conducted by Ms.P.Yuvarani,Asst Prof, Visual Communication and student coordinators of the Film Club.