A research conference is an opportunity for professionals and students to present research findings to gain experience in their respective streams, receive valuable inputs from colleagues about how to strengthen their work, and disseminate exciting and cutting-edge findings from their field of study

The National Conference on “E – Commerce, Management and social Innovation – Embracing, Changes, Transformation 2023” has been designed to create a Platform for Researchers across the nation to showcase their Research Potentials through their Research Work.

The session started with Tamizh Thaai Vazhthu, the welcome address given by Dr. S. Chitra, Professor, Head Department of Commerce, SRM IST (S&H). Major Dr. M. Venkataramanam, Dean CSH & Dr. J. Dhiliphan VP Admin (S&H) has felicitated the Chief guest Mr. S. Padmanabhan.

Dr. V. Saravanan VP Academic (S&H) and Dr. S. Chitra Head, Department of Commerce has felicitated Dr. Jothi Munuswamy. Followed by them Dr. R. Vijayalakshmi has given a brief talk on overview of the conference and the conference book proceedings has released by the dignitaries. Major Dr. M. Venkataramanan Dean (S&H) has given the presidential address.

Dr. S. Venkatesan, Assistant Professor and Mr. S. Raj Kamal, Assistant Professor, Convenors has introduced the Chief guest Mr. Padmanabhan and Dr. Jothi Munuswamy.

Mr. S. Padmanabhan, Founder of Ankidyne has inaugurated the ceremony and has deliver the inaugural address, followed by him Dr. Jothi Munuswamy, Assistant Professor, School of Commerce, CHRIST University, Bangalore, has delivered the key note address. The technical session was around 11.30 am to 1.30 pm and coordinated by our faculty members.

Track – I was coordinated by Dr. K. Punitha and Dr. S. Lakshmi in Gallery Hall 1

Track – II coordinated by Mr. S. Balakrishnan and Dr. S. Chandramouli in Gallery Hall 3.

Vote of thanks for the inaugural session was given by Dr. J. Sabitha, Assistant Professor, Department of Commerce.

We have received above 150 Research Papers from across India. We have received a greater number of research papers in various colleges across India. To brief we have received above 60 research papers from various parts of India and 90 above papers from Tamil Nadu which includes our faculty and Research Scholars.

Valedictory function Dr. S. Venkatesan, Assistant Professor Convenors has introduced the Chief guest Mr.B.M. Khaja Mohideen, Asst. Vice President, MSE, Dr.D.Durairaj, Asso. Prof, CMR University. Bangalore. Mr.B.M. Khaja Mohideen, Asst. Vice President, MSE delivered the valedictory address followed by him Dr.D.Durairaj, Asso. Prof, CMR University, Bangalore delivered the special address. The best paper presentation was awarded by the dignitaries to the participants.

The Review Team guided us to organize in a structured and focused manner. Attending academic conferences is a great way to develop your research career. The Conference Team ensures that we will offer the chance to network and meet new collaborators or co-authors, learn about the latest research developments, and understand what’s happening in your field. Wishing Everyone to fulfill your mission in Research.

The Conference Report Presentation was given by Dr.J. Sabitha, Asst.Prof, Department of Commerce. Finally, the Mr.S. Rajkamal, Asst.Prof, Convenors was given Express of gratitude.

National Anthem