PROGRAMME TITLE: Outreach Programme- “A Simple Act Of Caring Is Heroic”

SESSION DATE: 09th September 2023

TIME: 11.30 AM TO 1.30 PM

VENUE: Idhaya Vaasal Elders Home, Pallikaranai, Chennai-100

PARTICIPANT: 20 Students from Department Of Commerce (Hons) and Faculty Members.


The staff and students commerce- Honours visited the Idhaya Vaasal Elders Home, situated at Pallikaranai, Chennai as a part of our outreach activity wherein we got to interact with the senior citizens staying there. We initially visited them at their lunch tables where they were being served lunch. We also helped the helpers in the old age home serve the food too. After which we got to interact with them in their rooms wherein they shared with us their lives in the old age home and how they wish they had people to listen and care for them.