On September 11, 2023, a highly informative and engaging session on “Financial
Statement Analysis” was conducted at SRM Nightingale School. Dr. K. Priya from the Faculty
of Management at SRM IST Ramapuram was the distinguished guest speaker, who imparted
valuable knowledge to the 12th Std Commerce Group students. The primary focus of the
session was “Financial Statement Analysis,” a crucial aspect of financial management.
Dr. K. Priya outlined the objectives of the session, which included educating students
about the features, significance, necessity, and procedures of financial statement analysis. The
overarching goal was to equip students with the essential skills required to assess a company’s
financial health. Practical examples were woven throughout the session to elucidate complex
concepts. These examples made the content more relatable and comprehensible to the students.
The students were actively involved in the learning process through problem-solving
exercises. These exercises enabled them to apply the theoretical knowledge they gained during
the session. To gauge the effectiveness of the session, a test was administered to the students.
This test served as both an evaluation of their understanding and a means to reinforce their
learning. Dr. K. Priya encouraged students to participate actively by asking questions and
clarifying doubts. This interactive approach fostered a conducive learning environment.
We extend our sincere gratitude to the following parties for their invaluable contributions and
School Management: We appreciate SRM Nightingale School’s management for facilitating
this enriching session, allowing students to benefit from expert knowledge.
Dean (Management): We thank the Dean of the Management Department for endorsing and
endorsing this educational initiative.
Head of MBA Department: The Head of the MBA Department played a pivotal role in making
this session a reality. Their support and coordination were instrumental in its success.
The session on “Financial Statement Analysis” conducted by Dr. K. Priya was an enlightening
experience for the 12th Std Commerce Group students at SRM Nightingale School. The
comprehensive coverage of essential concepts, practical examples, problem-solving exercises,
and assessment activities ensured that students gained valuable insights into financial statement
analysis.We look forward to future collaborations that will continue to enhance the educational
experiences of our students.