Day 1[09.10.2023]


. The conference serves as a dynamic platform for experts ,scholars,and enthusiasts  to exchange ideas and strategies.Join us for an enriching experience aimed at fostering cross-disciplinary collaboration and driving success in the global business landscape.

Faciliate knowledge exchange:It provide a platform for sharing the largest advancements and insights in the covered domains.

Encourage collaboration:Faster cross-disciplinary interactions and collaborative efoorts among professionals and scholars.

Showcase best practices: Highlight successful  strategies,innovative  approaches ,and best practices in global business.

Promote networking :Create oppourtunities for participants to connect with industry leaders ,peers,and experts.

Inspire Innovations : Stimulate creative thinking and idea generation through workshops and discussions.

The conference invites papers that covers the following domains:


Human Resource Management


Information Technology

Entrepreneurial development


The Innaguration starts with lighting lamp in the presence of chief guest .

Welcome speech : Dr.P. Suseela welcomed the chief guest ,research person,participants,and students.

And then  Dr.D.Rengaraj conference convenor  presented the conference message ,and this conference  3  International papers received and 187 research papers received from  all over India [Delhi,Kolkata,Karnataka,Andhra,Mumbai,and Kerala].Most of the papers received from research scholar, working professors,and industrialists.He conveyed thanks to organizing committee and management.

Conference proceedings  were released in the presence of chief guest .

Major.Dr.M.Venkataramanan [Dean] delivered the special address to the participants.He spoked about Inclusive future,development ,Trust in business perspective, and research scholar provide a real contribution to uplift the society .In future research scholars and students were collaborated with the abroad in research work.Thorugh this conference the students and research scholars will exchange the knowledge by Universe.And finally wished all the participants.

Following that student  Miss.Thaneda  presented the chief guest profile,and then the chief guest Dr.Tandin chhophel Professor ,Royal University of Bhutan delivered an opening talk.In our rapidly evolving world, the success of any business goes beyond mere profit margins. It transcends financial gains and encompasses social responsibility, inclusivity, and trust. It is essential that we not only focus on growth but also on ensuring that the benefits of development are shared by all members of our society.

Businesses play a pivotal role in shaping our future. They possess the power to inspire change, to challenge the status quo, and to create a more inclusive world. Inclusion, in the context of business, means recognizing that every individual brings a unique perspective and set of talents to the table. It means providing opportunities for everyone, regardless of their background, gender, ethnicity, or socioeconomic status.

Development for all implies that the progress we achieve should not be selective. It is not enough for a few to prosper while many are left behind. True development occurs when it uplifts entire communities, when it provides a ladder for those at the bottom to climb, and when it narrows the wealth gap.

Trust is the glue that holds our business world together. It’s the foundation upon which relationships are built, transactions are made, and collaborations thrive. Trust is not a one-way street; it’s something businesses must earn and uphold. Trust in business means delivering on promises, being transparent, and acting ethically. Without trust, our efforts to inspire inclusivity and development for all are in vain.

Afterwards,Miss.Anveyisha[Sponsor head] invited the keynote speaker and presented his profile.

Dr.R.Balaji Director , AMET business school,AMET University ,Chennai.He presented the keynote address about  inspiring this inclusive future and development for all, rooted in trust.

It begins with leadership. Business leaders must embrace diversity and inclusion at the core of their organizations. It’s not just about compliance with diversity quotas; it’s about fostering a culture that values differences and ensures everyone has an equal shot at success.

Businesses must expand their horizons beyond profit and consider their impact on society. Philanthropy and social responsibility should not be afterthoughts but fundamental aspects of corporate strategy.

Transparency and ethical conduct are essential. Business practices should be open, fair, and accountable. Only then can trust be established and maintained.

Collaboration between businesses, government, and civil society is crucial. By working together, we can create policies and initiatives that promote inclusive development and build a brighter future for all.

Inspiring an inclusive future, development for all, and the trust of all in a business perspective is not merely a choice – it’s an imperative. As business leaders, employees, and citizens, we have a responsibility to drive this change, to build a world where everyone has a fair shot at prosperity, and where trust is the bedrock of our endeavors. Let us strive for this vision, because when we do, our businesses will not only succeed but will also leave an indelible mark on history for the betterment of all.

Mr.K.Murugan Assistant professor delivered Vote of Thanks.

After  lunch the conference session had started

Track 1 :

Information  Technology: Tech horizons unleashed: Transforming possibilities into reality’.

Track 2 :

Marketing : ‘Beyond boundaries : Crafting dynamic narratives in the digital age’.



Track 3 :

Entrepreneur development : Catalyzing innovation & Growth nurturing entrepreneurship in a landscape.

Finally at the end of the day the above stream paper presented scholars received their conference paper presented  certificates.



Day 2[10.10.2023]

Track 1:

Finance ‘Navigating Financial Frontiers  : Strategies  for sustainable growth,

Track 2 :

Research and Development: ‘Innovating the future : Briging ideas into reality’

Track 3 :

Human resource management ‘Talent transformation : Cultivating excellence in the modern workplace’

Track 4 :

Other relevant topic : eg ; Law digital marketing ,cyber security.

After lunch ,

Valedictory function enacted .

Welcoming the gathering.

Valedictory address presented by CA.Anandaramakrishnan ,founder of AR Krishnan and associates.

  1. *Innovation and Inclusivity*: Emphasize the role of innovation in making business practices more inclusive. Innovation can create products and services that cater to a broader audience, making them accessible to a wider range of customers.

2.. *Global Perspective*: Acknowledge that these principles have a global impact. Businesses can contribute to inclusive development not only in their local communities but also on a global scale.

  1. *Sustainability*: Consider the role of sustainability in business practices. Sustainable development aligns with inclusivity and trust, as it ensures resources are available for current and future generations.

4.. *Role of Technology*: Explore how technology can be harnessed to foster inclusivity and trust. Digital platforms and tools can connect people, provide opportunities, and enhance transparency.

  1. *Adaptability*: Stress the need for adaptability in the business world. Inclusivity, development, and trust-building are ongoing processes that may require adjustments and evolution over time.

All the paper presented scholars and participants received their Certificates and the best paper award was given by chief guest.

Finally, Vote of thanks was presented by Ms. Sathya[Student secretary].