Event Title:  A One-week online training programme on BioNxtGen: Nurturing                            Biotechnology Innovators

Date: 30.10.2023 – 04.11.2023

Event Convenor: Dr. G. Priya, Assistant Professor – Department of Biotechnology

Organising Head: Dr. M. Kamaraj, Head (i/c) – Department of Biotechnology

Student Coordinators: Mr.S. Gopinath; Mr. V.L.Vibash Kalyan, II. B.Sc., Biotechnology

Event Mode: Online

Number of Participants: 46 Higher Secondary Students

The Department of Biotechnology, Faculty of Science and Humanities, SRM Institute of Science and Technology, Ramapuram campus has organized a One week online training programme on BioNxtGen: Nurturing Biotechnology Innovators from 30.10.2023 – 04.11.2023. The course was handled by Dr. G. Priya, Assistant Professor, Department of Biotechnology, College of Science and Humanities, SRMIST, Ramapuram campus, Chennai.

The course was divided into seven modules such as Introduction to biotechnology, Molecular biology basics, Bioprocessing and fermentation, Biotechnology tools and techniques, Biotechnology applications, Future trends and emerging technologies and Conclusion. All the modules were explained in video format. Assignments were given to all participants in all modules.

The online course was successfully ended with positive feedback given by the students and School managements, since this topic is an important one for our future generation to know about various boons of biotechnology.

Course Link: https://bionxtgen-nurturing