“Workshop on Video Editing”

29.01.2024 & 30.01.2024

The School of Media Studies, The Department of Visual Communication, SRM IST Ramapuram organised a Workshop on Video Editing on the 29th & 30th of January, 2024 from 9AM to 12:30 PM at the preview theatre.

This workshop was conducted by Mr. Sudhir, an associate director and a proud alumni student ( batch 2015 – 2018 ). He was heartily welcomed by the students and staff of the department. The workshop was held for two consecutive days and was attended by 2nd year students. Students learned how to use Adobe Premiere Pro and various advanced editing skills and techniques. The students gained a lot of knowledge from the personal experience, skills and professional advice from their senior. This workshop proved to be very beneficial for all aspiring editors.

The programme was successfully conducted by the co-ordinators under the guidance of the convenor – Dr. V Prabhakaran ( Head,  Media Studies ) and Ms. P Yuvarani ( Programme Co-ordinator, Viscom )