“Project Day 2024”

02.02.2024 & 03.02.2024

The Department of Visual Communication, SRM IST Ramapuram, participated in the Project Day Function – 2024 held on 02.02.2024 and 03.02.2024 in the campus. The Viscom Department presented two projects, associated with graphics & animation, editing and art direction.

Project 1:

“Avatar Dreams”

The project was based on creating a realistic avatar of a person and use Blender to make it perform dance moves. The main idea of this project was to go beyond realism and create things from imagination. The first day was extraordinary with the overwhelming responses of school students regarding the project. The stall was filled with giggles and happy faces as they saw their avatar being animated on screen. The avatars of various people were created and variety of queries were cleared. The second day was no less. The judge, Mr. Vinayak Chandrashekhar ( Film Director ) visited the stalls. Once the inspection by the judge was over, the stall was crowded with SRM students belonging to various departments. Everyone were excited as they saw their avatars. Lots of love and appreciation was delivered from the audience. The intention of this project, i.e., to make realism go beyond imagination, was achieved.

Project 2:

“Tiny Realms: Miniature Marvels in Cinematic Green”

The concept of this project was built up as a solution to replace creating huge film sets on a large scale which requires a lot of budget, and as an alternative to using CGI or graphics which too consumes a lot of money, time and energy. The students created a miniature model of an Egyptian desert with a pharaoh and a series of pillars, where each pillar was carved with the statue of the God of Egypt. The model was made using simple materials like foam board, modelling clay, M seal, sand and paint. The model being a miniature, was yet made in an intricate and detailed way. The whole project was completed within a minimal budget. A green screen was placed in the stall and a small footage of the object/person was shot with the green screen as a backdrop. This was then edited using Premiere Pro and the final outcome, which was a realistic and aesthetic video of the person standing midst the deserts of Egypt, was played on a TV screen. The students gave a detailed explanation on their working model and also gave everyone who visited a chance to get shot in front of the green matte and presented them with the final edited outcome. The stall was visited by many school students, college students, staff and officials from all over the college. On Day 2, the judge – Mr Vinayak Chandrashekar ( Film Director ) was invited and the students explained & showed him a live demonstration of how their model works.


The programme was successfully conducted and co-ordinated by the students of the Viscom Department under the guidance of Dr. V Prabhakaran ( Head, Media Studies ), Ms. P Yuvarani ( Programme Co-ordinator, Viscom ) and the staff co ordinators.