Industrial Visit to Basilic Fly VFX Studio

We the Department of Visual Communication embarked on an industrial visit on Feb 12th to 15th ,2024 for the II year student(80) to Basilic Fly VFX Studio, located in 4th floor, Commerzone, Chennai. The purpose of the visit was to provide students with insights into the operations of a leading VFX studio and to gain practical knowledge about the processes involved in visual effects production.

Basilic Fly VFX Studio is renowned for its exceptional work in the field of visual effects for films, television, and advertising. Established in 2013, the studio has garnered acclaim for its innovative approach to VFX and has contributed to numerous blockbuster projects.The industrial visit to Basilic Fly VFX Studio was a valuable learning experience for the Viscom students of SRM University. It provided them with practical exposure to the workings of a leading VFX studio and equipped them with knowledge and insights that will be beneficial for their future careers in the field of visual communication. The visit served as a bridge between academic learning and industry practices, enriching the students’ understanding of visual effects production. We extend our gratitude to Basilic Fly VFX Studio for hosting us and providing an insightful and informative experience.