Department of MCA

Event Report

Event Title: Integrating Frontend and Backend: A Mentorship – Driven Tech Showcase

Date  : 24.02.2024, Saturday

Time : 9 am to 10 am

Venue: Block – V, Gallery Hall, 4th Floor

Event Convenors: Dr.T.Papitha Christobel, Mr.Udayakumar, Mr.A Vignesh

Organizing Secretary: Dr.J.Dhilipan

Advisor: Dr.V.Saravanan

Program Coordinators:


Dr.J.Jebamalar Tamilselvi

Dr. S.Umashankari

Dr.N. Vijayalakshmi


No. of Participants: 112 Students

Resource Person:

Mr.P.Pravin Kumar

Founder CEO, PK Innovatives & Codey

Mr. C.Jagadeeshan

Business Head

PK Innovatives

Ms Suryavarshini Arul Kumar

Business Manager, CODEY

Summary of the Event:

The aim of this event is to encourage the students to do innovative projects, internship and consultancy projects. Dr.T.Papitha Christobel from MCA Department has introduced the guest speakers. The guest speakers explained the following ponts, Introduction about PK Innovatives, Introduction about CODEY, Why join CODEY, Benefits of CODEY, Courses offered both front-end and back-end, Fee for the various courses, Discount 60% for all Courses, Offered coupon Code for the course.  The master of ceremony for the entire event was Mr.Udayakumar from Computer Science Department. Mr A Vignesh from Computer Science department has presented vote of thanks.  Finally Session Opened for the Questions, Mr.Pravin kumar and Mr.Jagadeeshan  handled all the queries effectively.  Entire session was very useful to the participants.