The School of Media studies, Faculty of Science and Humanities, SRMIST, Ramapuram  organizes 7 days Professional Development Programme on Design thinking  for Media Engagement (Hybrid mode) at 11am in Gallery Hall 4, 4th floor Block 5, SRMIST, Ramapuram from March 11th  to 19th ,2024. Around 140 students of Media Studies and 180 members joined as external participants for the event through online mode. The Chief Guest for each session is from different streams of media  like television, print media, radio, cinema, social network and OTT platform.

The prominent personalities are Mr. Karthigaichelvan, Editor in Chief News18, Mr. Suresh, Chief Operating Officer, Hello FM 106.4, Mr.Sridhar Krishnaswami, Editor in Chief, New India Aboard, Washington DC, Mr.Lakshmanakumar.S, Mr.Anbarasu.E, Mr.Udayakumar.P, Mr.Baskaran.S and Ms.Pramila Chinnappa, Basilic Fly, VFX Studio, Mr. Felix Gerald, Journalist, RedPix, Mr.Hariharan, Film Director, Ms.Ravoofa, Founder, Media Masons, Mr.Parthiv Mani, Creative Director, Media Masons and Ms.Kavitha Jaubin, Vice President, AHA Tamil (OTT)

The purpose of the event was to provide an educational experience and field work on design thinking for media engagement for the students and faculty. The Program was an eye opening in the field of media with insightful information. All the session was followed with interaction between the chief guest and participants of both online and offline to share their understanding and thoughts.

The event was organized by Ms.P.Yuvarani, Programme Coordinator, Viscom and Ms.Sai Lakshmi, Programme Coordinator, JMC under the guidance of Head-Media Studies.  The session was well coordinated by Ms.P.S.Padmavathy, Assistant Professor and Ms. B.K.Haripriya, Assistant Professor, Visual Communication with the core event student coordinators.