Date : 28.02.2024

Time : 08:30 am

Venue : Gallery hall


Dr.T.Ambuli(Assistant professor) Dr.Maheshwari(Assistant professor) Mr.Hariharan (Assistant professor)


Mr. Anirudh.R (President) Mr. Vishal.S (Vice President)

Mr. R.Isaac kingslynova (Secretary)


Ms. Durisha (second year bcom) Mr. Gopinath (second year bcom)

Objectives :

  • To evaluate the knowledge of the participants within academics as well as beyond academics and to make them familiar with the prospects of quizzes and the objectivity of the questions.
  • To gain a broad or specialized understanding of a subject and support language Development.
  • To inspire pupils to delve beyond their textual knowledge and make a connection between theory and application of the principles they have learned.
  • To encourage fun learning methods while also enhancing general knowledge.

Introduction :

Flaming Falcons, Students Association of Department of Commerce, organizes a special activity on the subject of banking to help students practice existing knowledge while stimulating interest in learning about new subject matter.

Overview :

The session commenced by 08:30am. Mr.Gopinath hosted the quiz. A questioning creates incentives for students to learn more. The questions were presented in power point presentation along with the options. The students were interactive and answered with enthusiasm. The session was very interactive and the students gained better knowledge. The vote of thanks was delivered by Mr.Gopinath.


The Quiz assessed the students to understand the concepts better. The students had a better idea of how well they are grasping the material and the session motivated them to evaluate their knowledge within academics as well as beyond academics. The seminar ended a success with the overall cooperation and involvement.