SRM Institute of Science and Technology, Ramapuram Faculty of Science and Humanities

(A place for Transformation) Department of Commerce

Flaming  Falcons–Student Association

Ten Days BISAIME Webinar Series for Students


Date – 08thJune2024 to 17th June 2024

Who can Participate

Students of Commerce Department (Ramapuram Campus)

Organising Secretary

Dr. Chitra Srinivasan

Professor and Head

Program Coordinators

Dr. T. V. Ambuli, Associate Professor

Faculty Coordinators

Mr. S. Balakrishnan, Assistant Professor

Mrs. A.N. Amrin Fathima, Assistant Professor

Mr.A.Hariharan, Assistant Professor

Student Organizers

Mr.R.Anirudh, President, Flaming Falcons

Mr.S.Vishal, Vice President, Flaming Falcons

Mr.R. Issac Kingslynova, Secretary, Flaming Falcons

Student Coordinators

Mr.K. Akash Shankar, Executive Secretary, Flaming Falcons

Mr.A.G. Jagnesh, ED Club Speculator, Flaming Falcons

Ms.G.Durisha, Event Management Club, Vice Chairman, Flaming Falcons

Ms.K.Subashini, Joint Secretary, Flaming Falcons