18TH JUNE 2021 AND 19TH JUNE 2021 (2.25 pm to 3.25 pm)

Dr. A. Jayabal, The head Department of commerce felicitated the grand event virtually by greeting hearty wishes to the organisers of Tamil Nadu Teachers Education university (TNTEU) – Centre for capacity building programmes for school teachers and being a part in their  “THE     ASSIST   WORLD RECORD on 18th June 2021.







Dr. A. Jesintha Rani, Assistant Professor (Sl. G)department of commerce who coordinated the entire programmes of SRM and hosted the entire show and filled the  session with sense of humour and it was impeccable






 Mr. P. Joseph Raahul, III B. Com General started the event with a welcome song “Vanthe Matharam” (Last stanza) his vocal along with the instrument which made the listeners inpatriotism swing right in the beginning of the event.





Dr. A. Jayabal, The head Department of


commercewelcomed the patrons and the listeners of the live program and wished the participants and thanked TNTEU and Tamil America TV for the opportunity he ensured that this programme     will     be     enjoyable






Mr. P. Joseph Raahul, III-yearB. Com Generalshow casted his talent by writing his own song “Marrum yellam marrum varunkallam vannam aagum” and composed his own tune and made the listeners divine. Great musicianship with vocally blooming voice made the event even more highlighting.





Mr. A. Surya, II-yearM.Com beautifully drafted a poetry for the famers and insisted that agriculture is the backbone of India, and it should be brought into the spotlight within 2030. In is poetry he narrated the importance of agriculture flattery with technology.





Mr. K. Ajay Nandha, II-year M.Comrecitated a poetry in order to make a reform in agriculture by inducing to practice cultivating plants and livestock. The poet made everyone think deep about the key development of agriculture which gave a vibrant hand in to  the program





Ms. P. Selva Gayathri, II-year M. Com proclamation on “Search for travel” took the audience to past present and future. Vocal cords gave the power to the lines that she wrote on her own. Her fantasy thinking made the poem enlighten the range of view 2030.





Mrs. Y. Esther Reeta, Assistant Professor,   Department  of Commerce dazzled everyone by her secret beautifully scripted on the topic “Pinnacle of success” in her poem and reeled off to the viewers of the program. A great articulator which made to believe that success it is a natural  way.






Ms. R. Sharmila, I-year M. Comperformed stunning  semi classical dance for the song “shape of you” and other famous classical songs in the middle which gave a visual treat to the viewers of the program. The song was about 3 mins and 4 seconds added a glaze.






Ms. R. Revathi, Assistant Professor Department of commerce gave narrative blue eye thinking about “Education is the powerful weapon that would change the world” and its importance in forthcoming years.  She took a stand for education as the life enhancing skill to be fantasized in 2030.






Ms. B. Monica, I-year B. Com tales were in an entertaining, impressive and in a dramatic way. Her skilful weave of storytelling on “success, self- confidence and love” gave audience serenity. Her outstanding narration with her accent was really awe-striking.






Ms. V. Gayathri, II-year M. Comalong with Dr. Jesintha Rani Assistant Professor (Sl. G) played a comedy sketch of mom and daughter enhancing the traditional games that has been clean out of the children mind and its handiness. Both nailed their characters, and it was a marvellous play out there in the middle.







Mrs. R. Vinodhini, Assistant Professor Department of Commerce gave a best lecture which was witty and very informative. She maintained remarkable poise in the face of a potentially hostile audience got the title “Pechu Puyal” in the comment section from one of the listeners of the program.





Dr. P. Suseela, The Head In-charge Department of commerce proposed the vote of thanks by thanking the organiser committee members for given opportunity She congratulated the whole team of SRM. And special mention for SRM IST Ramapuram chairman Dr. R. Sivakumar and Principal S&H Dr. C. Sundar who allowed us to be an iron in the fire.