A TWO DAY WORKSHOP ON ‘Environmental Literature’

Resource Person: Mrs.Vaishnavi, Dr.D.Raja Kumari

Date: 30.07.2021

The Department of English and other Foreign Languages, College of Science and Humanities, SRMIST – Ramapuram, organized an online workshop on Environmental Literature for B.A English students on 30th and 31st July 2021. On Day 1 the Resource person Mrs. Vaishnavi from Srimad Andavan College  explained all the waves of Eco-criticism and suggested students to concentrate more on nature. Day 2 the Resource person Dr. D. Raja Kumari from Chellammal Women’s College enlightened the audience on the topic Primitives’ Environmental concern and conservation in the olden days’ and she talked about the importance of worshipping nature. And the day was shared by Mrs. Uma Devi from KCS Kasi Nadar College who clearly differentiated the concept of Eco-feminism and Feminism. On both days the students found the sessions enjoyable and informative. The attendees registered positive feedback.