Introduction to Research for Budding Researchers

The department of MCA Journal club, planned to conduct an Event titled” Introduction about Research for Budding Researchers” on 11-7-2022 at 3.00 Pm in PG block first Floor , Room No 101 for MCA Students.

The Main objective of this event is to motivate the PG students to get involved in Research work, gain basic knowledge about Research activities, Research paper writing and importance of paper publications.

The Department of Computer Science and Applications conducted an event titled “Introduction to Research for Budding Researchers” for final year PG Students on 11-7-2022 at 3.00 Pm in PG Block through the department Journal Club. Dr. R. Renuga Devi, Assistant Professor from MCA department has given a lecture for the students. Students from final year MCA and Faculty members attended the event.

The main objective of the event is to motivate the students to develop their interest to research further other than they learned from books. The Speaker explains the importance of doing research in Computer Science after completing MCA. Also discussed various job opportunities for Ph. d scholars in various fields.

The speaker explained initial steps to start research work and Research article writing from final year projects. Given idea about various research funding agencies to submit their project proposal.   The speaker stressed upon clear directions that the students must have a strong knowledge about research before stepping into actual research work. It was a very informative and interactive session where students came to know about importance of research.