Virtual workshop on Industrial Mathematics with Data science for Industry 4.0

Contemporary industry is undergoing IV revolution where the challenge is  integration between industries physical and digital systems. Through this integration, massive data is available in this world which need to be modelled and customised for various purposes and this is where data science helps in converting data into profitable business solutions.

    Mathematics is a critical part of data science and a good knowledge of Mathematics is essential to be an efficient data scientist.

     Considering the relevance and the need, The Department of Mathematics, SRMIST,   Ramapuram  has organised a virtual workshop on Industrial Mathematics with data science for Industry 4.0 for faculty members and research scholars of various institutions  from 28th to 30th of April.

Day 1

Resource person: Dr. D. Datta, Former Scientist, BARC, Mumbai

Topic:  Marriage between Kalman Filtering and Machine learning – A typical innovative Data science

Day 2

Resource person:  Dr. Tushar Pal,   Scientist,   BARC, Mumbai

Topic:  Pre and post processing of Lattice Boltzmann simulation  using data science

Day 3

Resource person:  Dr. Sujit Das,  NIT, Warangal

Topic: Data science for Industry 4.0

The  workshop is aiming to promote interaction  between academy & industry; leading to innovation in both fields  and providing unique opportunity to discuss the latest ideas,  problems & methodologies, thereby contributing to the advancement of science & technology.  During the inaugural session,  Dean ( E&T) has appreciated the department  for taking up the latest technology as the theme of the workshop.

The program was well appreciated  by the participants  for its uniqueness and relevance .

 I thank the management,  Dean’s and Director  for their encouragement and support.