The Department of Mathematics, SRM Institute of Science and Technology ,  Ramapuram campus has organized an Expert talk on Role of Mathematical Models in Science and Engineering as part of Science Day Celebration on 26.02.2021 for students, research scholars and faculty members.

Resource Person:

Dr. Dharmendra Tripathi, Dean (R & C),

Associate Professor,  Department of Mathematics,

NIT, Uttarakhand

During his talk, Dr. Tripathi has  explainined about  Science Day,  importance of science in daily life . He emphasised the need of Mathematical  models, their  mathematical formulation and  analysis. Dr. Tripathi made the lecture more interesting  by explaining various  examples.

Dean (E&T) in his felicitation address thanked Dr. Dharmendra Tripathi for his informative talk about Mathematical Models which plays a vital role in Science & Engineering and congratulated the Department of Mathematics for conducting the Expert talk.

Students, research scholars and faculty members from all over India  participated in the program ; congratulated  and thanked the  department  for organizing  such an informative  session,  thereby acknowledging the success of the program.

I personally thank the Management,  Director, Dean and Vice Principals for their constant support.