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Department of Computer Applications (BCA), Ramapuram Campus, SRM Institute of Science and Technology,Chennai-89.

P M Kavitha

Assistant Professor (O.G)

Area or Subject

Machine Learning , Deep Learning , Cyber Security , Testing

Educational Qualifications

  • Degree BCA
  • Area or Subject – ComputerApplications
  • University – BharathidasanUniversity
  • Awarded Year –2007
  • Degree MCA
  • Area or Subject – ComputerApplications
  • University – SRMUniversity
  • Awarded Year –2010
  • Degree Tech
  • Area or Subject – Computer ScienceEngineering
  • University – BharathUniversity
  • Awarded Year –2015
  • Degree D
  • Area or Subject – Computer ScienceEngineering
  • University – SRM Institute of Science andTechnology
  • Awarded Year –pursuing


Artificial Intelligence, Computer Networks, Operating System, Data Structures

Research Interests:

Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Image Processing

Selected Publications

  • Kavitha, P.M., Anitha M., Shraddha Padhiari ., K Anitha(2022) . “Detection of trash in sea using deep learning” , YMER ,( Scopus )Vol: 28DOI: 37896/YMER21.07/65.
  • Kavitha, P.M., Muruganantham, B. (2021)., “Deep Learning Approach in Malware Hunting“ Smart Computing and Self-Adaptive Systems- Book , DOI: 1201/9781003156123-12
  • Kavitha, P.M., Anitha M., Smart Cities and Industry 4.0”, “ Smart Computing and Self-Adaptive Systems- Book , DOI: 1201/9781003156123-11
  • Kavitha, P.M., Muruganantham, B. (2021). “An Extensive Review on Malware Classification Based on Classifiers” Intelligent Computing and Innovation on Data Science. Lecture Notes in Networks and Systems, vol 248. Springer, https://doi.org/10.1007/978-981-16-3153-5_40"
  • Kavitha, P.M., Muruganantham, B, “A study on deep learning approaches over Malware detection,” 2020 IEEE International Conference on Advances and Developments in Electrical and Electronics Engineering (ICADEE), Coimbatore, India, 2020, pp. 1-5, doi: 10.1109/ICADEE51157.2020.9368924.
  • Kavitha, P.M., Krishnamoorthy N., “A Study on Application of Block Chain in Electronic Voting System” International Journal of Multidisciplinary Educational Research, Issue Volume 1 No(2) 2021,IJMER.
  • Kavitha, P.M., Anitha M., Pushpalatha K.,"Art of Image Augmentation with cartoon model "Bioscience and Biotechnology Research Communications ,Special Issue Volume 13 No (6) 2020 ,Society For Science and Nature .WOS Indexed,Q2
  • "A Survey on prediction approach over Machine Learning and Deep Learning Technique ",Current Innovations in Computer Technology (NCCICT-20) .
  • "Expectation of Students Performance utilizing Data mining strategies with K-means Clustering algorithm ",Current Innovations in Computer Technology (NCCICT -20) .
  • Kavitha, P.M,S., Agusthiyar R.,Impacts of temporal resolution exploitation hand-picked bunch ways on residential electricity load profiles. " International Journal of Current Advanced ‘ISSN: O: 2319-6475, ISSN:P:2319-6505 Impact Factor:SJIF:5.995

Papers Presented

  • Presented a Paper on- “ AN Investigation of Early Detection of Driver Drowsiness Using Machine Learning Classifier “ – in an international Conference on Recent trends in AI & Data Science ICON’22- on 28th April 2022. ISBN 978-93-5636-168-3 © 2022
  • Presented a Paper on “Handwritten Digits Recognition using CNN Identifying the Regional Based Writing Style” – in an international Conference on Information Science, Management Research and Social Sciences on 18th& 19th April 2022., AJK College of Arts & Science , ISBN: 978-93-5619-947-7
  • Presented a Paper on “Payment Transaction using Face-Recognition” – in an international Conference on Information Science, Management Research and Social Sciences on 18th& 19th April 2022., AJK College of Arts & Science , ISBN: 978-93-5619-947-7
  • Presented a paper on “An extensive review on Malware classification based on Classifiers”- in an International Conference on Technology Innovation and Data Science((Springer series - Scopus Indexed) on 19th Feb 2021,Malaysia.
  • Presented a paper-” A Survey on Malware detection using Deep Learning Technique” – 2020 IEEE International Conference on Advances and development in Electrical and Electronics Engineering, Karpagam College of Engineering, Coimbatore on 10th & 11th Dec 2020.
  • Presented a paper entitled "App based Security and Community Management System Using Cloud" in an International e-Conference on Information, Communication and Networking 2020 (IECICN 20) organized by Department of Information Technology, Easwari Engineering College (Autonomous) conducted on 10th and 11th of July 2020.
  • Presented a paper in an International E-Conference on Research Essential in Machine Learning & Computational Intelligence, entitled “Art of Image Augmentation with Cartoon models”, at SRM Institute of Science Technology, Chennai, India, 24.06.2020 & 25.06.2020.
  • Presented paper in DPRC,SRM IST in “Novel Scalable malware detection through Deep learning” between 23rd – 25th

Working Papers

  • Capsule Neural Network for Image based dataset.

Work in Progress

  • GAN Processors with Image based dataset.

Academic Experience

  • Assistant Professor(O.G), Department of Computer Applications, SRM University, Ramapuram Campus since June-2017 tilldate.
  • Assistant Professor & Head In charge, Department of Computer Science, Apollo Arts andScience college, Chennai- from 2015 to 2017.
  • Lecturer, Meenakshi Sundararajan School of management,Chennai.2010-2012.

Other Professional Experience

  • Worked on a project ”Weigh bridge automation tool” in Dalmia Cements in2010.


  • Completed “ Machine Learning -ML” – Offered by NPTEL, April 2022
  • Completed “ Python for Data Science” – Offered by NPTEL, Aug 2021
  • Completed “ Machine Learning Pipelines with Azure ML Studio” – Offered by Coursera , Sep 2020
  • Completed “ Introduction to Cyber Security Tools & Cyber Attacks” – Offered by Coursera , July 2020
  • Completed “ Neural Networks and Deep Learning” - Offered by Coursera , June 2022
  • Completed “ Machine Learning For All” – Offered by Coursera , May 2020
  • Organized 1 week online Faculty DevelopmentProgrammein " Research Insight in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning",7th Sep- 12thSep 2020.
  • Coordinated “INNOVATIONS 2K19” an inter school project contest Aug2019.
  • Organized Internship in “Netty fish” for MCA students in2017.
  • Organized Industrial visit to MCA and BCA students in 2017 &2018.
  • Organized 1 day Innovative event for School Students "Blitzkreg 2k17", Aug 2017.

Workshops /Seminars/Conferences

  • Attended 2 weeks AICTE sponsored FDPOn “Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence in Data Science” from 24th May to 2nd June 2021.Orgnised by PACE IST, Ongole.
  • Attended 7 days International Faculty Development programme on “Recent Trends in Emergent Technologies” on 17.2.2021 to 24.2.2021, organized by Shasun Jain, Chennai.
  • Attended 2 days workshopon “Research Publications” organized by SKN Sinhgad Institute of Technology& Science ,Pune. On 25/2/21 & 26/2/2021
  • Attended 1 day "Hands on Workshop-Python", 1st Aug 2020
  • Attended webinar on "AI,ML and Its Applications" July 2020.
  • Attended webinar on "E-platform for effective research on Deep learning" July 20202.
  • Attended webinar on "Data Analytics Past,Present and future" June 2020
  • Attended webinar on "AI in medical Image Processing", 22 nd Jun 2020
  • Attended webinar on "How to use turnit in software for your research" 4th May 2020.
  • Attended “10 Day Boot Camp on Getting Started with Data Sciences”,14th April to 25th April 2020.
  • Attended webinar on "Building Simple classification using Sklearn" , 25th April 2020
  • Attended webinar on "Analysis of covid 19-dataset using ML Techniques" , 13th -18th April 2020.
  • Attended 1 day workshop on "Searching Dataset for research" ,13th-18th April 2020
  • Attended 2 days’ workshop on “Machine Learning and Deep learning” organised by Department of Computer Science and Engineering, SAI Ram Engineering College, Chennai- DEC 2019 (IQAC &- IIC-(Ministry of HRD Initiative) Sponsored)
  • Attended 2 weeks FDP on “ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE & ADVANCED MACHINE LEARNING USING DATA SCIENCE” organised by Department of Computer Science and Engineering, SA Engineering College, Chennai-NOV-DEC 2019(AICTE Sponsored)
  • Attended 1 day workshop on “Exploring Machine Learning through python” organised by Department of Computer Science and Applications, SRM institute of science and technology ,Ramapuram,Chennai- Aug 2019
  • Attended 2 days FDP on ” Python “sponsored by ICT Academy -July 2019
  • Attended 3 days FDP on ” Deep learning “organised by Department of computer science and engineering ,SRM institute of science and technology, Vadapalani campus -June 2019 (IET Sponsored)
  • Attended a Seminar on R Machine Learning And Python conducted by Department of IT,SRM Institute of Science and Technology
  • Attended a Seminar on IMAGE PROCESSING USING OPENCV conducted by Department Of ECE, SRM Institute of Science and Technology
  • Attended a FDP for newly joined faculties conducted by SRM Institute of Science and Technology
  • Attended a workshop related to “How to write a paper and publish in journal conducted by CSIR- Chen

Achievements and Awards

  • Won “Best Young Faculty” Award from SKCT Trust, Tiruvannamalai on 30th Dec 2020.
  • “ World Record Holder “ & Achievement Certification for achieving an eminent world record under the theme “World biggest Hands-On IOT & Ethical Hacking Workshop” on 15th Aug 2019.

Professional Membership

  • Member in Computer Society of India (CSI) - Membership ID:I1506213
  • Member in IAENG-International Association of Engineering -Membership ID:253200.
  • Member in IAAM-International Association of Advanced Materials - Membership Id:866282914851
  • Associate Member in IRED-Universal Association of Computer and Electronics Engineers - Membership Id:AM101000584891
  • Professional Member in IFERP -Institute of Engineering Research and Publication-Membership Id:PMIN94021876