Weekly Faculty Seminar on Evolution of Programming Languages

DATE : 10.03.2021 | TIME: 1.30 PM

Delivered by: Dr. Agusthiyar R, Professor & Head

  • The session was started with importance of Programming Languages for Computer Science staffs.
  • He explained about how Evolution happened in Programming Languages.
  • Top 10 programming languages.
    • Python
    • Java
    • JavaScript
    • C++
    • C etc.
  • Why procedure oriented programming languages are still in industry and how it is ruled other languages.
  • Need of Object oriented programming languages such as C++ , Java and Python.
  • Rich set of packages in Python and how it is used in ML & AI Research.
  • Characteristics of each programming languages and also discussed the difference between them.
  • This faculty seminar was really useful to the students and faculty as well.