DATE: 08.03.2021-TIME: 2 pm to 3 pm

Guest Speaker: Mr.Sugumaran, Senior Software Engineer, XcelCorp

The Department of Computer Science & Applications has organized Alumni Talk on   How to be a IOS developer & Career Opportunities After MCA. Guest Speaker: Mr.Sugumaran Senior Software Engineer – XcelCorp

 Welcome Address- Mrs.D.Kanchana-Ap/ Mca : Mrs D Kanchana AP/MCA presented the welcome address and introduced the guest of todays function to the audience

 TECHNICAL SESSION : Mr.Sugumaran-Senior Software Engineer – XcelCorp

Mr.Sugumaran started the session with a Brief introduction about IOS.  He then discussed about Prerequisites for IOS develppment.We should have a previous experience in oops concept .Understanding of oops concept C and swift are used to develop IOS

He added that to start with Ios  X code is used to create app in mac os. Swift is powerful language to code ios, macos, tvOS and watchOS apps. IOS is an operating system that runs iphones, ipads etc.It is a subset of macos. It is multitasking and runs in different devices. Apple provides an IDE called X code.

Device features: SQLite are used for storing structured data. Meadia supports for audio, video, image etc.

He then discussed about Download the IOS SDK -Download the latest from app store.  Xcode: In xcode design patterns

  • MVC
  • MVVM
  • VIPER are used.

He then  Recommended Ios development topics. IOS Variables-It is used to call whenever we need, and it is used to store a value.

Strings-It is the sequence of characters and can access in various ways.

Dictionary-It has a key and value to store it. By using a key we can access a value.

He concluded his address by explaining about

  • Intermediate topics
  • Optionals
  • Closures
  • Delegation -It is a constant and it cannot be changed. Tabs are used using delegations.
  • Protocols
  • Type casting-It is used to check instances. “As” operator is used to typecast
  • Opaque-It is a function or method. It returns a value. It is used to hiding the information. It is used for sketch purpose.

Then the session was opened for interaction and clarification from the participants. The entire session was much useful for all the participants

Mrs D Kanchana AP/MCA proposed the vote of thanks

The session was coordinated by Mrs D Kanchana AP/MCA . Around 120 students have attended the event.