DATE: 01.03.2021 | TIME: 11:30 am to 12:30 pm

Guest Speaker: Mr. Madhavan Elango (Agile Coach, KBC Groups, Belgium)

The Department of Computer Science and Applications organized  a guest Lecture today


DR.J.DHILIPAN- VICE PRINCIPAL ADMIN & HOD/MCA presented the welcome address. During his address he welcomed the chief guest of today’s function and for accepting the invitation. He explained the idea behind the  Need for the agile methodology. There are many advantages of Agile methodology for project management. Agile methods can help teams manage work more efficiently and do the work more effectively while delivering the highest quality product within the constraints of the budget. He concluded his address by advising   the   students to make use of this forum

Technical Session Mr. Madhavan Elango (Agile Coach, KBC Groups, Belgium)

 Mr. Madhavan Elango (Agile Coach, KBC Groups, Belgium) started his address by introducing about his job profile and the various responsibilities he handled. He continued to explain about the huge gap that prevail between the industry and academia. He added that he used to visit colleges and meet the students to boost up entrepreneurship.

He then started discussing about Why Agile Methodology? Agile project management essentially eliminates the chances of absolute project failure. Working in sprints from the very beginning allows teams to develop a working product from the beginning, or fail fast and take another approach.

He added that digital disruptions is affecting the entire industry and banks have lots of competition. Novel technologies  like AI, cloud , ML and Big data are changing the scope of various industries.

The following apps have changed the scope of the industry:

  • Paypal
  • Google Pay
  • Phone Pay
  • PayTM

He also highlighted that the banking industry is crushed. More number of apps have been in place in the markets. He explained how sales industry are making use of people to buy products by keeping the price as 299,399,1999,2999….. This is called as psychological pricing.

 He then discussed about Agile manifesto redefined and discussed the following

  • Individuals Vs interactions
  • Working solution
  • Customer collaboration
  • Responding to change
  • Process and tools
  • Comprehensive documentation
  • Contract negotiation
  • Following a Plan

He concluded his address by stating

  • Importance of 11 agile principles
  • Frameworks, methods, practice of agile
  • Scrum
  • The magic round about in Belgium
  • How do I bring agility in my students? Here we can see that
  • Information is Money
  • Skill is Currency

Then the session was opened for interaction and the queries raised by the students were answered by the speaker. The entire session was very useful to the students

Dr. P. Sudha – AP/MCA COORDINATOR of the event  proposed vote of thanks.

The event was coordinated by Dr. P. Sudha – AP/MCA.