DATE : 06.03.2021

Guest Speaker: Mr. Venugopal Jayaraman -Tech Manager-Capgemini Technology Services Pvt Ltd Bangalore

The Department of Computer Science & Applications has organized  an Industry Expert Talk on   Containerization with Docker and Kubernetes .  Guest Speaker: Mr. Venugopal Jayaraman -Tech Manager-Capgemini Technology Services Pvt Ltd Bangalore

Mr.N.Krishnamoorthy-AP/MCA. presented the welcome address and introduced the guest to the audience.

TECHNICAL SESSION -Mr. Venugopal Jayaraman  -Tech Manager-Capgemini Technology Services Pvt Ltd Bangalore

Mr. Venugopal Jayaraman stated his address with an introduction of the theme and today agenda. He then explained about Virtual Machines with the following information

▪ One physical server can contain multiple  applications

▪ Each application runs in Virtual machine

▪ Better resource pooling

– The physical hardware is shared by multiple

In addition he discussed about Container based Virtualization and discussed about the following

▪ Container based virtualization uses the Kernal on the Host’s operating system to run multiple  guest instances

▪ Each guest instance is called container

▪ Each container has its own

▪ File System

Additionally he explained what is Docker? and discussed on  Containers vs VM . In continuation, the discussion was about Installing Docker on Windows. The discussion continued with Docker Images and Containers. Containers are an isolated application platform. It Contains everything needed to run an application and are created based on one or more Images

The rest of the discussion was about Working With Docker Images. Hands on session were done on how Docker files are Used to build images, be explaining hands on in Ubuntu environment. Then gave a demo on running dotnet core application in a Docker Container

He concluded his address by introducing about

  • Custom Image Using A Dockerfile
  • Container Orchestration-Container – is the automation of much of the operational effort required to run containerized workloads and services
  • Introduction to Kubernetes – Kubernetes is an open-source container- orchestration Platform
  • Traditional to Kubernete Deployment
  • Demo of Kubernetes

Then the session was opened to the students for clarification of their queries.  The entire session was very helpful for the students

The meeting was attended by nearly 150 participants. The event was coordinated by Dr.P.Sudha AP/MCA