Expert Address on Completion of 1 year of Transformative Reforms under National Education Policy 2020

DATE: 06.08.2021

Topic: Quality Education, Accreditation and Teacher Development

Resource Person:


Vice Principal – Academic (S&H)

SRMIST, Ramapuram

 The Department of Computer Science & Applications organized an Expert Address on Completion of 1 year of Transformative Reforms under National Education Policy 2020

Total Number of Participants: 140


Dr J.Dhilipan

 Vice Principal – Admin & HOD/MCA


Dr J.Dhilipan presented the welcome address and he welcomed the chief guest of today’s function

He concluded his address by explaining the importance of NEP2020 and the efforts taken by the Government of India in promoting its parameters.

Mrs.D.Kanchana Assistant Professor MCA read the chief guest profile and introduced the guest to the audience

 PRESIDENTIAL ADDRESS Dr.C. Sundar, Principal,  College of Science and Humanities


Dr.C. Sundar, Principal,  College of Science and Humanities presented the presidential address

He added that College of Science and Humanities  has been doing lots  of programs and this particular program is the Need of the hour. He then highlighted about how the NEP2020 create impacts on the students community

Described about earlier Educational policies of Indian Government

He continued his address by explaining about

Quality education


Lot of changes are going to happen like autonomy for course and students and

Lot of flexibility are given for students in NEP2020

He concluded his address by explaining about few impacts of NEP2020.Highlighted about PG courses.

What happens if a candidate studies his/ her 3 years course in 3 different colleges and how the degree is going to be awarded?

He appreciated the efforts taken for arranging this program.



?Dr N Asokan started the session with an introduction of importance of quality education

?He then explained about an overview of Accreditation process

?His explanation continued with 12 Graduate Attributes which is used to build career for the next 25 to 30 years

?Educational Goals

?Quality Assurance

?Teachers Development

?He then explained about important Educational Goals like

?To Promote Retention

?To Promote transfer

?He then discussed about the definition of Quality

?Explained about the ratio of desired outcomes and actual outcomes

?He added that Quality and relevance are measured in terms of product outcomes and process

?He then explained about Factors affecting quality and relevance

?He then explained about mission statement: Why do we run the institution.

?What is Vision statement of the institution: What you Want to create in next three/five/ten years

?Explained about positive and negative vision statements

?Platueing in teaching

?How to Maximize your potential

?Examples of core purpose: Mission statements of some companies

?He then explained about the Accreditation process,  OBE and Graduate Attributes.  It describes how we are different from others?

?He then explained about Accreditation process and what is outcome based education.

?Explained about Accreditation

?What are Program outcomes?


PO6-PO12: How to build career in next 20 years

?He concluded his address by explaining about

?Accreditation process


?Quality Assurance


?Graduate Attributes

?Developing teaching competencies

?Uncover unconscious incompetencies

?Purpose of Mission statements

?Teacher Development

?Teacher competencies

?Common thread connects

?Quality education, Accreditation, Teacher Development

Then the entire session was opened to the audience for clarification of their doubts and interaction

Mrs.J.Shobana Assistant Professor MCA presented the vote of thanks

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