Expert talk on Impact of Mathematics on Computer Applications

The Department of Mathematics, SRM IST, Ramapuram has organized an expert talk on

“Impact of Mathematics on Computer Applications”  for Higher secondary students and teachers on 12.06.2021.

Resource person

Dr. Debabrata Datta

Ex Senior Scientist and Former Head

Radiological Physics & Advisory Division

BARC, Mumbai

Dr. Datta spoke about the evolution of GPU and how information is digitized.  The focus then shifted to the future on quantum computing where a qubit state is a unit vector in a two-dimensional complex vector space.  He, thus, urged the importance of learning linear algebra which forms the basis of quantum computing.

He further stressed the link between hardware, software and mathematics. Without mathematics, software cannot be built, and hardware is obsolete without software.

The talk successfully provided an out of the box utility of mathematics  that are relevant to the present and future technology.

Nearly 200 students and teachers all over India participated  in the programme.The participants showed their enthusiasm by interacting with the speaker and made the session very interactive.

The objective of enlightening the academia about the relevance of mathematics was achieved through this talk.