International virtual workshop  – The craft of research

Research is to see what everybody else has seen and to think what nobody else has thought. As we teaching fraternity is living in a competitive world, it’s become absolute necessity to do quality research. Keeping this in mind, the Department of Mathematics, SRM IST, Ramapuram organized 2 days  International virtual workshop on 2nd, 3rd of July 2020, on the topic “The Craft of Research

Resource Person: Dr. Anand Nayyar ,Researcher, Scientist and ACM Distinguished Speaker, Duy Tan University, Vietnam

More than 250 faculty members,  research scholars from various institutions all over India and abroad  participanted in this workshop.

Dr. Nayyar elaborated various aspects of research.  He threw new light on what is research  & how to do it?, resources for research papers, how to read research papers, how to write an effective research paper, tips for acceptance, fundamentals of grant writing,  research collaborations, opportunities etc.  He emphasized on doing research in the right way. There was overwhelming response from the participants at every question answer session. I thank the management, Director, Deans , VPs and technical team for their constant support.

International webinar

The Department of Mathematics, SRM IST, Ramapuram organized an International Webinar on the topic “On the Merrifield – Simmons Index of Graphs” on 10.07.2020 for faculty members and research scholars. Dr. Suresh  Elumalai, Department of Mathematics, University of Haifa, Israel was the resource person. More than 120  participants from all over India and abroad participated in the webinar. Dr. Suresh elobarated Merrifield- Simmons index,  Mathematical chemistry, Chemical graph theory.   Fibonacci number of star, Properties and implementations of chemical graphs were expounded. The webinar was successful by  the positive response from the participants .

I sincerely thank management,  Director,  Dean,  Vice Principals and technical team for their constant support.