COVID – 19 Special lecture series

Mathematicians worldwide  are contributing  to the understanding of the COVID – 19 epidemic, working on mathematical models that take into account the different  situations in different countries.  As the COVID 19 escalates, we the Department of Mathematics, SRM IST, Ramapuram organized  COVID – 19 Special Lecture Series   to explore and understand,  various mathematical models which may provide a solution to the outbreak of COVID 19.

Each lecture had  enthusiastic participation  and overwhelming responses from the participants. I extend my sincere gratitude to the management,  Director,  Dean, VP’s  and the technical team for their support.

Day 1

Date: 16.06.2020

Topic: Modern Epidemiology of infectious disease using predatory prey dynamics.

Resource Person: Dr. D. Datta, Former Scientist (H+), BARC, Mumbai.

No. of Participants: 200

Day 2

Date: 25.06.2020

Topic: SIRD Model to predict COVID – 19 outbreak in Tamilnadu – India

Resource Person: Dr. C. Ponnuraja, Scientist (E), Head, Department of Statistics, National Institute of Research in Tuberculosis, ICMR, Chennai.

No. of Participants: 185

Day 3

Date: 26.06.2020

Topic: Evolution of Covid -19 – Pandemic: Power law growth and flattening of the curve

Resource Person: Dr. Mehendra K. Verma, IIT Kanpur

No. of Participants: 220