SRM Institute of Science and Technology

Ramapuram Campus

College of Science and Humanities

College of Management organized a plenary discussion  on Solid Waste Management : Global practices and Chennai Scenario  in association with Urbaser summet  on Tuesday 07th September 2021 at 2:00 pm

Welcome address  by

Dr.R.Arulmoli, Professor & Head /MBA, welcomed the  members, briefed about the importance of solid waste segregation

☘️ Felicitation address by

Dr.N.Ashokan, VP-academic(S&H) lauded the tireless efforts of workers during the lockdown

☘️Presidential address was given by Dr.C.Sundar

Dean S&H

encouraged the values and services of conservancy workers  and

 Urbaser Summet is a best case study and model for MBA students

Plenary discussion by

☘️ Mr.JaiKiran S

 General manager, Urbaser Summet, have an overview about waste collection, technologies they use,waste treatment divisions,research and Development,services they provide,conversion of waste to energy,works on Operation, Build-in management and Design

☘️ Mr.Guruswamy, Project manager, Urbaser Summer, discussed about how the children acted as change agent in waste segregation in Foreign cities and pointed out waste management starts from home.

☘️ Mr.Mohmood sait, CEO, Urbaser Summet  thrown insights on Urbaser – Asia’s largest solid waste management company, ways to restore the ecosystem, their role towards singara Chennai 2.0

☘️The session members answered to the various questions raised by the participants

☘️Vote of thanks  proposed by

Dr. K. Priya, coordinator of the event thanking the members of plenary discussion and the management for the opportunity given