Teachers day celebration: 2021

The competitive power of a nation is determined by the creativity of its human resources. It is clear that creative thinking is essential in learning process.

In this context  the Department of Mathematics, SRM  IST, Ramapuram organized an invited talk on “ Creative thinking in Mathematics” on September 04, 2021 as a part of Teachers Day celebration.

Resource Person: Prof. (Dr) Rajshree Dhar, Principal

Department of Higher education

Government of Jammu & Kashmir

Prof. Raj Shree Dhar explained about the application of Mathematics in construction and architecture during Indus Valley Civilization. She  gave a detailed description on Creative Thinking: What, Why and How. She described on how imagination and ideas helps in everyday life and their basic foundation built on Mathematical concepts.

Dr. Dhar discussed about importance of creativity emerging from Mathematical skills and continued with Mathematics of consciousness, MOM – MARS ORBITOR MISSION.  She elobarated the role of Mathematics and ways to boost creative thinking.

Dean ( E&T) in his falicitation  said that a teacher plays a significant  role as a transmitter, motivator and promotor of human’s eternal quest for knowledge. He advised the teaching community to brace themselves to accommodate the rapid changes taking place in the field of education and learning.

More than 150 teachers  from various institutions from all over the country participated in the invited talk. The program was successful with the inspiring talk  by the resource person and  the active partcipation by the Teachers .