Webinar on Introduction to Securities Markets

Date:  29.07.2021   

Department of Commerce, Organizes Webinar on ‘Introduction to Securities Markets’. To bring a awareness among the commerce students about securities Markets. This webinar also highlights about the career opportunities for students.The Welcome Address given by Dr.A.JAYABAL, Head& Professor, Department of Commerce address the gathering and expressed his gratitude for accepting our invitation Key Message By Speaker M.K.Srikanth. First, He Gave A Brief Introduction About Financial sector Regulators. He discuss about the Development of Indian securities market. He  gave  appropriate examples for investment options. His speech was very motivating and encouraging to students. Key Message By Speaker B.M. Khaja Mohideen. He Elaborated About The Capital market and its functions. He explain about the role of MSE.  His speech was very interesting  and inspiring. Then, after the session students ask many questions to both the speakers.The entire session was fully energetic and interactive. The webinar was end up with formal vote of thanks by Selvagayathri, II MCOM.