The webinar commenced as per the scheduled date and time (29th January 2021 – 11. 00 a.m). The resource person Mr. Karthick has been in the Graphics Industry for the past five years. He has specialised in 2D Designing and Animation and currently working as a freelancer for web and Graphic designing for Multinational Companies.

Initially the guest began the webinar with an introduction to himself and his journey to Industry and how he overcame the initial hurdle to learn tricks of the trade and finally settled in a niche company where his performances was applauded and recognized as jack of all art that includes both 2D and 3D.

During the webinar he also discussed the role played by a Graphic Designer, Differences between a print design and a web design, Scope of Graphic Design, How to equip oneself to become a Graphic Designer, Need to have preproduction for designing and finally gave some website references for the student to improve their knowledge.

Though the webinar was attended by few aspirants the lucid explanation given by the Guest and doubt clarification made the attendees quite satisfied.