Industry Expert’s Talk on Cyber Security

Date :10/3/2023

Time: 9.00 AM to 10.30 AM

Attendees: BCA Students

Venue: Block V, Gallery Hall – Third Floor

Chief Guest :

Dr Manikandan Ramanathan

Director, Capgemini, Chennai

  • The welcome address was given by Dr.Agusthiyar.R , Professor & Head Department of Computer Applications(BCA).
  • The chief guest introduction was given by Dr.T.S.Suganya , Assistant Professor BCA.
  • Manikandan Ramanathan given an Introduction about Cyber security,he explained Importance of cyber security, Real World examples and he briefly discuss about

Types of Cyber Security

Hacking and its types


Malware and its types


DDOS (Distributed Denial of Service)

Spam Email

Current status of Cyber Crime

The students actively participated and gave their feedback also. The session was interactive and informative.

Organizing Head


Professor & Head BCA


Dr.T.S.Suganya , AP/BCA

Mrs S.Sindhu,AP/BCA

Mrs M.Divya , AP/BCA