Alumni Talk


Intelligence Automation using RPA

Date: 06.04.2023

Time: 10.00 am to 12 Noon

Venue – PG Block, 6th Floor Lab

Mr.Prasanth Kumar M

MCA Alumni (2019-2021)

Certified RPA Developer

Droidal LLC


Mr. Prasanth Kumar M, will serve as a resource person and educate our students on the title “Intelligence Auotmation using RPA”.

Robotic process automation (RPA) is a technology that mimics the way humans interact with software to perform high-volume, repeatable tasks. In addition to moving data between business systems, RPA is also an excellent tool for data aggregation to provide a better data source for advanced processing algorithms. It improves data analytics and enables machine learning that can be used to digitize business operations further. RPA bots can be programmed to extract specific data fields from a document and input them into another system, which can help automate repetitive tasks and reduce errors.

RPA playing a vital role in the present digital era, therefore being mindful with this aspect the department of MCA is organizing this alumnus Talk for the students.