We the Department of Visual Communication, conducted a captivating webinar series from June 7th to June 14th, 2023. In the webinar series, students were treated to a diverse range of topics, expert insights, and interactive discussions. The welcome address for each session was delivered by Dr.V.Prabakaran, Head of the Department,Visual Communication. The webinar session provided unique perspectives, practical advice, and industry knowledge, empowering participants with a deeper understanding of the respective fields. From the captivating behind-the-scenes revelations of the Yaathisai movie to the exploration of promising careers in news anchoring and digital media to the digital marketing and job opportunities and finally to the fascinating intersection of artificial intelligence and media.

The Q&A section of each webinar sessions fostered active engagement, allowing students to interact with the guest speakers, exchange ideas, seek advice, and deepen their knowledge of the respective subjects. The valuable insights gained will undoubtedly shape the career paths of the students and inspire them to achieve new heights in their respective fields.

With the strength of 130 students, each session brought together distinguished guest speakers from various fields to engage participants in an interactive and enriching learning experience. The event was coordinated by Ms.P.Yuvarani and Ms.P.S.Padmavathy, Asst Prof, Visual Communication.