Unveiling the Power of Visual Medium: Step into the Newsroom!

The Department of Visual Communication, College of Science and Humanities, SRM Institute of Science and Technology, Ramapuram, organized an industrial visit for 4 days from 14th July 2023 to 19th July to Puthiyathalaimurai News Channel and PT Digital for the second-year Viscom students. The visit took place in four batches for four days, each batch consisting of 36 students.

This Industrial Visit paved the way for the students to explore all the divisions of news production, ranging from news reporting and rush visuals to scripting, editing, MCR, and PCR. They also visited the visual studios and observed live news bulletins. During the visit, Mr. Kannan and Mr.Arun experts from Production and Assignment departments, provided a comprehensive explanation of the entire news production process and its technical aspects. Ms. Hema, the assignment head of PT Digital, accompanied the students throughout the day and ensured that everything was well-organized, making the industrial visit more productive. Lastly, the students had an interactive session with Mr. Parisal Krishna, the Digital Head. The IV was coordinated by Ms.P. S.Padmavathy and Mr. M. Diwakar, Assistant Professor, Department of Visual Communication.

Industrial Visit – Puthiya Thalaimurai – Student Batch Schedule
Date Day Students Batch
14.07.2023 Friday II Year – Roll No. 1 to 36 Batch – I
17.07.2023 Monday II Year – Roll No. 37 to 73 Batch – II
18.07.2023 Tuesday II Year – Roll No. 74 to 149 Batch – III
19.07.2023 Wednesday II Year – Roll No. 46 to 148 Batch – IV