One – Week National Level Faculty Development Programme (FDP)

“Avenues of Biotechnology – 2023” (AoB – 2023)

03.07.2023 to 09.07.2023.

            In this one-week FDP program, seven distinguished speakers from reputed institutions were invited to deliver their lectures.

Day 1: Dr. Deepak Kumar from Banaras Hindu University, Varanasi has delivered the first day lecture on “Metabolic engineering of an oil seed crop (Indian mustard) for human health, stress alleviation and increased productivity” and elaborated on various methods employed on Indian mustard in resisting biotic and abiotic stress responses.

Day 2: Dr. J. Jaculine Pereira from Dr. M.G.R fisheries college and research institute, Talainayeru has delivered her lecture on “Molecular diagnosis of microbial diseases” and discussed about various techniques used in fish disease diagnosis.

Day 3: On the third day, a lecture was delivered on “Exploring nature’s pharmacy: The bioprospecting of medicinal plants” by Dr. Sarmad Moin from Suresh Gyan Vihar University, Jaipur. He pointed out the medicinal importance and the bioprospecting of various herbs and cops.

Day 4: The session was handled by Dr. Rajesh Kanna Gopal from the Saveetha dental college and hospital, Chennai. He has delivered a talk on “Recent advances in phycotechnology” and discussed the current findings in the field of phycotechnology.

Day 5: On the fifth day, Dr. Ajay Kumar from Central University of Kerala has delivered a talk on “Genetic and biochemical basis of mangrove adaptations to intertidal environment”. He has elaborated on the role of genetic and biochemical pathways in the adaptation of mangraoves.

Day 6: Dr. Vishnu Kiran Manan from IB group, Chhattisgarh has delivered his lecture on “Genome engineering using the CRISPR – Cas9 system” and discussed about the emergence and applications of a genome editing tool, CRISPR – Cas9 mechanism.

Day 7: Dr. D. Illakkiam from Mother Terasa Women’s University, Kodaikanal has delivered her talk on “Exploration of genes and genomes using NGS technology”. She has given an overview of the applications of next-generation sequencing technology in exploring unknown genes and genomes. Totally, 72 faculties and research scholars have actively participated in this FDP. Overall, we have received positive feedbacks from the participants, who have actively attended all sessions and made active discussion with the resource persons.