Department of Computer Applications (BCA)


“Seminar on Climatic Change”

13-07-2023 TUESDAY DAY


Resource Person:

Mr.Deepak Venkatachalam,

Founder சூழல் அறிவோம்*


?Dr.Agusthiyar.R presented the welcome address . During his address he introduced the guest to the audience


? Mr.Deepak Venkatachalam ,

started the session with an introduction about the environment and the disaster we face due to climate change.

?He gave a brief introduction about the this week happening around the globe due to change of climate.

?He showed various slides of chennai, before and now . And its effect due to  industrial revolution.

? He explained the scientific causes of energy transition and green house effect.

?.He introduced students to open source softwares and gave ideas for projects that can be visualised ased on the  environmental effect.

?He also explained about various plants , birds and species that have become extinct and gave the importance of tree plantation and protecting the ecology.

?He gave some suggestion to mitigate climatic change.

?He concluded by asking the students to follow few tips related to reduce the carbon foot print.

?Then the entire session was opened to the audience for clarification of their doubts.