SRM Institute of Science and Technology Ramapuram Campus, College of Science and Humanities, Department of Computer Science & Applications (B.Sc CS) organized an Eight Days Faculty Development Program on “Cyber Security & Hacking” for B.Sc CS students. The online event took place from 16-06-2023 to 23-06-2023. The program covered various topics related to cyber security and hacking. Mr. Vivek from Ozone Cyber Security conducted multiple sessions, introducing cyber security, vulnerabilities, security threats, penetration testing, Android TV hacking, and mobile hacking. Additionally, Dr. Ramyadevi and Dr. Savitha delivered a session on steganography and digital forensics. Dr. Belina VJ Sara and Mrs. T. Kanimozhi concluded the program with a session on cyber security threats and principles. The program had a good audience, with 300 participants on Zoom and 60 on YouTube. Participants had the opportunity to seek clarification of doubts during the interactive sessions. Participation certificates were distributed to all the attendees, and the event received positive feedback for its usefulness.