The Department of Biotechnology has organized the first-year orientation program for the first year B.Sc., Biotechnology students (Batch: 2023-2026) on 10th July 2023 at AV Hall, Block 5, SRMIST, Ramapuram. A total of 48 students have participated in this program. The first session of this event was inaugurated by Dr. M. Kamaraj, HOD (i/c) with his formal speech on the overview of the department of Biotechnology, CSH, SRMIST, Ramapuram. He has introduced all the department faculties to the first-year students and briefed them about the resources and facilities available at the department. He also explained the students about the vision and mission statement of the institute and the department.

This session was followed by the guest talk on ‘Importance of human stem cells and regenerative medicine’ and the guest, Dr. P. Raghu Babu, CEO, AcaDiCell Innovations Pvt Ltd., Chennai. A brief introduction about chief guest was given by Ms. Kanishka Suresh, III B.Sc Biotechnology student and  Chief guest was honoured with a momento by Head of our Department. Dr. P. Raghu Babu has addressed the gathering by sharing many valuable points related to stem cell technology, its scope and method to carryout studies of stem cells. The first-year students were really inspired by his speech and got new hopes and expectations from the department.

The next segment was the Alumni talk by Ms. Aishwarya (Batch: 2020-2023) on 11th July 2023 who has motivated the students on various co-curricular and extra-curricular activities available in the institute. She also has shared her experiences, challenges and future scope and opportunities in the biotechnology industry.