Event Title: How to be Secured in Digital Era

 Date: 05/05//2020

Time: 10am to 12 Noon

Venue: Online

No. of Participants: 278



Description of the Event/Objective:

The speaker Mr.rajendran said  Paying safe and private in the digital world can be difficult. If you’re experiencing abuse or are worried about your privacy, you take steps to make using your computer, email, or cell phone safer.

Computer and internet safety Computers store a lot of private information about your activity, including the websites you visit, the internet-based calls you make, the emails and instant messages you send, and the purchases you make. If you use a computer that your partner can access, you can try to cover your tracks by:

  • using an email account that they cannot access
  • changing your passwords and usernames often
  • keeping your passwords hidden
  • deleting private emails, files, and documents and making sure they’re not in your email trash or computer recycle bin
  • clearing your search engine and browser history, especially after researching domestic violence organizations and programs
  • using search engines that don’t track your history like Google incognito or Safari private modeBefore deleting any private, important, or sensitive documents in your email or on your computer, we encourage you to save copies in case you need to access them in the future.