Event title: – Novel Protein Purification Strategies

Date: –26.06.2020 

Venue: Online

Weblink: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1o-K0qZ9KUDD-r-PDGSuuwK-h-rtTZrNz/edit?usp=share_link&ouid=107455612471906075200&rtpof=true&sd=true

No. of Participants: 230


 The Department of Biotechnology conducted   a   one   day   webinar   on   26.06.2020 titled ‘Novel Protein Purification Strategies’ for UG/PG students, research scholars and teaching fraternity. The Resource person, Prof. SathayanarayanaDepartment of Biotechnology, IITM, Chennai spoke on the novel techniques involved in protein purification. Later, he explained about the product purification strategies in bioprocess industries and application based purifications. The online session was attended by around 230 participants from various institutions. The presentation was followed by a Q & A session. The webinar was convened by Dr. T. Sekar, HOD/Biotechnology and well-coordinated by the faculty members Dr. S. Suresh, Assistant Professor and Dr. A. Rajasekar, Assistant Professor. E-certificates were mailed to all the participants