The Department of Computer Science and Applications (MCA)


Two days Workshops on Advanced Web Application Development


🗓️Date: 30&31-08-2023

🕗Time: 12.00pm to 3.00pm

📙Venue: PG Block  LAB 1

Resource person:Mr. Cristainraj packiyaseelan Technical Lead in HCL Chennai

Dr S.SivakumarAssistant Professor / MCA presented the welcome address and  Dr.S. Subbaiah Associate professor/MCA introduces the resource person


  • Introduction to AngularJS: Provide participants with a foundational understanding of what AngularJS is and why it’s used.
  • Building a Basic App: Guide participants through the process of creating a simple AngularJS application to demonstrate key concepts.
  • MVC Architecture: Explain the Model-View-Controller (MVC) architecture and how AngularJS implements it.
  • Directives and Data Binding: Teach participants how to use directives to bind data and manipulate the DOM dynamically.
  • Controllers and Scope: Explain the role of controllers and scope in separating concerns and managing data.
  • Understanding AngularJS’s role in front-end development and its advantages.
  • Setting up a development environment with AngularJS.
  • Creating controllers and establishing bidirectional data binding.
  • Using built-in directives like ng-repeat, ng-model, and ng-click.
  • Creating custom directives to encapsulate reusable UI components.
  • Implementing routing for creating multi-view applications.
  • Managing application state using services and dependency injection.
  • Handling form input and validation using AngularJS features.
  • Writing unit tests using tools like Jasmine for testing controllers, services, and directives.
  • Best practices for structuring AngularJS applications and maintaining code quality.
  • The entire workshop was very informative and it’s very helpful to all the participants

Finally, the session was ended by proposing a vote of thanks by Keerthika I MCA



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Department of Computer Science and Applications (MCA)


Dr.S.Sivakumar AP/MCA

Dr. S. Subbaiah AP/MCA