Industrial Visit Report

The Department of Biotechnology has organized an industrial visit on 28th September, 2023 to Synkromax Biotech, Athipattu village, Thiruvallur district, Tamil Nadu. The students participated in this industrial visit were 52 students of II year B.Sc Biotechnology. In the industry, we started our visit from their Textile Processing Unit. This division was a revelation, showcasing a wide array of cutting-edge equipment, including dyeing machines, blenders, washers, and more. We were fortunate to witness the entire textile processing workflow, from start to finish. The company’s experts demonstrated various processing techniques, such as desizing, smooth cellulosic fabric finishing, and cotton processing. What truly impressed us was their ability to transform raw materials into new, efficient products. We had the opportunity to view the samples of their modified products, including Synkrodesize-htp, Synkrocell-pks, Synkrozyme-merge, and more, while gaining insights into their diverse applications.

Subsequently, we have visited their Fermentation Unit. Here, we delved into the world of bioreactors and fermentors, learning about their crucial role in the processing of biotechnological products. The experts at Synkromax Biotech enlightened us about the numerous benefits of their products and how they differ from those available in the market. This section of the company left us with a profound understanding of the intricacies involved in bioprocessing and the innovative techniques employed by Synkromax. Then we have visited their Organic Farming Plant. This segment of Synkromax Biotech deals with organic chemicals essential for soil enrichment. We were introduced to solutions like azotobacter and rhizobium, which are utilized for soil nitrification, as well as processed Bacillus subtilis to enhance iron content in the soil.

Finally, we have visited the Boiler Plants and Water Cycling Systems. Here, we gained insights into the company’s commitment to environmental sustainability. We learned about their efficient boiler systems and the methods they employ to recycle and conserve water. This part of the visit emphasized the company’s dedication to reducing its environmental footprint and promoting responsible industrial practices.

This industrial visit has enabled the students a chance to learn practically from theoretical knowledge through interaction, working methods, and employment practices in large scale. It has provided a platform for the students to consider in undertaking their internships and/or miniprojects at Synkromax Biotech. This visit might also facilitate in building relationship with the industry by signing MoU between the institution and the industry.