Indirect tax – Changes in Budget

 Date              : 23.02.2024

Time              : 10:30 am

Venue            : Gallery hall


Dr.R.Vijayalakshimi (Assistant professor) Dr.C.Sahila (Assistant professor) Dr.J.Srinivasan (Assistant professor)


Mr. Anirudh.R (President) Mr. Vishal.S (Vice president)

Mr. R.Isaac kingslynova (Secretary)


Mr. Eswar (Final year bcom)

Mr. Arun Kumar (Final year bcom)


  • To educate students about the importance of knowledge in tax and budget.
  • To teach budgeting and other elementary financial literacy skills to young
  • To understand the concepts and importance of indirect tax and the reason behind imposing it.


The Finance Club of Flaming Falcons, Students Association of Department of Commerce, organizes a special seminar on Indirect tax – Changes in

Budget by Ms.CA Sandhya to educate student about changes in budget on the basis of indirect tax.


The session commenced by 10:30am. Mr. Vishal hosted the session and the welcome address was delivered by Mr.Arun Krishna, The guest was felicitated and honored by our esteemed faculty. Ms. Sandhya, a distinguished Chartered Accountant with a B.Com and a decade of

experience. Currently serving as an Annual Registered Council Member and actively contributing to the Student Development and Career Counselling Committee at SIRC of ICAI, Chengalpet Branch. Sandhya’s diverse expertise in finance, gained from roles at HCL Technologies and Price Waterhouse

Coopers Ms. Sandhya addressed the audience and started to give her insights on Goods and Services Tax (GST) and certain amendments which are proposed through the Finance Bill. She explained about the finance bill. The session was very interactive and the students gained awareness about the process and importance of budgeting. The vote of thanks was delivered by Mr.Arun kumar.


The session highlighted various aspects about the process of preparing a budget and importance of budgeting. Students were educated about the opportunities and benefits of studying abroad. The seminar ended a success with the overall cooperation and involvement.