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One Day Industrial Visit


The Department of Computer Science and Applications (MCA) with Industry Connect Club in organized One Day Industrial Visit on 28.02.2024.


Date : 28.02.2024 Time : 01 PM

Mode: Offline

Visiting Industry: Network Geek, Vadapalani, Chennai.

Participants: I Year MCA  Students


One day Industrial Visit was organised on behalf of Industry Connect Club.


As MCA students have Computer Networks subject in their curriculum, this Industrial Visit was organised to give awareness on latest updations in this area.


Mr. A. Pounraj, Founder of the Company NetworkGeek gave a clear presentation.


To begin with, he elaborated the significance of networks.


He explained on configuring IP in Cisco and also in windows.


He insisted on the importance of learning Linux as this is the basic platform nowadays in all our day to day usage of social media.


He elaborated on the broad opportunities in the field of networks even if a person has less programming skills.


Finally, Mr. S. Karthikeyan, Manager, Network Geek – Broadcasting Ideas thank all the participants and they receive e-certificates.


Total number of participants: 37


Event Convenor: Dr. J. Dhilipan, Prof & Head, VP (Admin) / MCA

Dr. D. Kanchana, AP (SG) / MCA

Event Coordinator: Dr. S. Subbaiah, ASP / MCA

Dr. S. Meenakshi, AP/MCA