Date : 01.02.2024

Participants : Students of department of commerce

Organizing Secretary : Dr. Chitra Srinivasan (Professor and Head)

Program Coordinator: Dr. T.V. Ambuli (Associate professor)

Convenors :

Dr. A. Jayabal (Associate professor) Dr. S. Lakshmi (Assistant professor) Dr. K. Punitha (Assistant professor)

Student coordinator :

Eswar. B (3 Bcom ‘B’) Rajan. M (2 Bcom ‘D’)

Objectives :

  • To make students aware of the current union budget formulated.
  • Connect the budget to various academic disciplines such as economics, finance, business, and political science.
  • Help students understand how the government manages its finances, allocates resources, and plans for economic development.

Description :

The event was commenced by 10.30 am . Durisha hosted the event.

Welcome address was delivered by Dr. A. Jayabal, associate professor.

Dr. S. Lakshmi , Assistant professor addressed the audience and gave introduction about union budget.

The live stream was played to the students to take note of it and enhance their insights about budget affairs. Our team Flaming Falcons Utilized displaying platforms to make the budget more accessible through streaming, making it easier for students to engage with the content.

Streaming the Union Budget to students serves as a valuable educational tool, contributing to their overall development and preparing them for informed civic participation and future careers. Assist students in aligning their career goals with the economic trends and policies presented in the budget. Foster civic awareness by keeping students informed about the government’s financial decisions and priorities. The event ended as a success. The vote of thanks was delivered by Vishal.