About the Department

Print media is vital for the functioning of any democratic society and our country has always supported an authentic media industry. Working journalists require a variety of practical skills, such as news gathering, interviewing, writing and editing, as well as a thorough understanding of the legal and ethical framework in which they operate. Here at SRM College of Science and humanities, Ramapuram, the department of Journalism and mass communication offers 3 years undergraduate program which will cater to the journalistic needs of burgeoning satellite television channels, print, and new media. The course aims at providing comprehensive ideas on the news industry and provides in-depth academic knowledge on journalistic skills, to get them exposed to field works and practice professional journalism. The academic part of curriculum concentrates on the full range of modern media and hands-on training in print, radio, television, video and online journalism. Students will also learn about media theory, plus legal and ethical obligations as a media professional… The course sharpens reporting, writing, editing skills with our top-notch faculties…

The department organizes seminars, workshops by eminent personalities from the media industry and frequents visits to media houses to bring forth innovations. We deliver journalistic skills, values and technology expertise to students to thrive in today’s media landscape. Students will have the opportunity to learn alongside and collaborate with professional journalists. We also work with a range of organizations to support high-quality journalism. Our program will inspire, empower and prepare students for this fast-changing industry and makes them stand apart from the competition and prepare for their dream career.

  • Evolve into a world class facility that trains young and eager minds in the field of Journalism and Mass Communication.
  • Advance learning by giving unique experience through practice and research
  • Instil a deep understanding and commitments to ethics in the field.
  • Preparing socially responsible media academics, researchers, professionals who will contribute to the growth of the nation and society.
  • Provide skills and knowledge to excel in professional career in the field of Journalism
  • Encourage students in their formal education and also involve them academic research studies.
  • Offers platforms to obtain the ability to analyze the local and global impact media has on the society