Maya Autodesk Workshop: A Dive into Rigging and Animation

On 27th February 2024, the Department of Visual Communication at SRM University, Chennai, organized a one-day workshop on Maya Autodesk – Rigging and Animation. The workshop was conducted in Gallery Hall 3, 3rd Floor, Block 5, from 11:15 AM to 12:45 PM and was facilitated by Mr. Dinesh, a skilled 3D Animator with strong advanced body mechanics experience.

The workshop began with a welcoming speech from Dr. V. Prabhakaran, Head of Media Studies. Its main objective was to acquaint students with the art and techniques of rigging and animation. The session covered fundamental concepts of character rigging in Maya, focusing on creating production-ready and animator-friendly character rigs. The presenter also showcased how to sensibly apply basic rigging principles to develop complex character rigs, starting from establishing a character pipeline to setting up the bind skeleton and creating a control rig, and finally building automated rigging and animation systems.

The workshop proved to be an invaluable learning opportunity for Visual Communication students. They gained a deeper understanding of rigging techniques, enhancing both their theoretical knowledge and practical skills for future projects and careers. Overall, the workshop was a resounding success, leaving the participants inspired and motivated to explore the world of animation further in their creative endeavors. The event was successfully coordinated by Mr. D. Saravanan and Mr. Vigneshwaran N, Assistant Professors, Viscom, SRMIST. The workshop concluded with a vote of thanks from Ms. P.S. Padmavathy, Assistant Professor, Viscom.