At present the energetic research is being carried out in the field of X-ray Crystallography, Crystallographic studies on drug molecules, Dielectric Studies, Crystal Growth, Spectroscopy, Computational Physics and Multiferroics by our faculty members.

PhD awarded

The department of Physics has well qualified, dedicated and experienced staff with trained supporting technical staff. Faculty members have been attending and presenting papers in National and International Conferences, and research papers have been published in reputed international and national journals periodically by faculty members.

The state of the art research laboratory has all the latest equipments such as

  • Dielectric constant measurement
  • X – Band Microwave bench
  • Four probe set up
  • Ultrasonic Interferometer
  • The crystal growth technique – SR method
  • Computational Physics – VASP code
  • Box and tubular furnace upto 1400 ºC

The focus of Research Laboratory is to develop the science underlying the Synthesis of Advanced Materials and characterization for the applications in the areas of Nanotechnology, Laser & Non-Linear Optics, Optoelectronics, Magnetism, and Dielectrics. This Laboratory aims to achieve progress in these technologically-important areas through a detailed atomic-level understanding of the mass transport mechanisms, chemical reaction kinetics, electrical, optical, mechanical and thermal properties. Active Research is being carried out in the field of X-ray Crystallography, Dielectrics, Nanoscience & Technology, Crystal Growth, Ceramic Compounds, Magnetic Materials and Theoretical Modelling.

The purpose of Research Laboratory is to develop scientific research in Physics and Materials Science. The active research team of the Department periodically publishes papers in National/International Journals and in conferences for attaining in-depth knowledge about the latest developments of Science and Technology. Our department is funded with Pilot Research Project (funded by Management) and DST-SERB Grants through which equipment’s have been purchased for research activities.